Our Membership

Membership is open to individuals of all ethnicities and business backgrounds. The majority of our members come from fields where there is a high concentration of Pan-Asians – accounting, financial services, technology, engineering, professional services, and others in business, government, and academia.


Our Community

Pan-Asians have cultural origins from more than 32 ethnic groups. Of those, six major groups account for more than 95 percent of the Pan-Asians in the U.S.: Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. The role that they play in the global marketplace continues to grow with the economic growth of Asia, especially China, India and Southeast Asia. Pan-Asian professionals represent a pipeline of strong talent for companies.

Today, Pan-Asians are high contributors to U.S. and global businesses:

  • The Pan-Asian population is expected to triple to 40 million in the next 40 years 
  • The Pan-Asian workforce is highly-educated, technically skilled and affluent with tremendous leadership potential 
  • Pan-Asian corporations are setting up operations in the U.S. and represent the fastest growing market

Building Connections, Building Leaders, Building Growth for Our Partners Around the World